Emails of the Dead: A Zombie Anthology

In the summer of 2010, I submitted to Living Dead Press’s Emails of the Dead: A Zombie Anthology. The premise of the anthology is to feature emails from people as their last means of goodbye. I was accepted within a day of submission, and no edits were sent my way. I was thrilled–my submission was a simple reply to a spam email for penis patches (don’t act like you haven’t seen spam for something similar.) Weeks later as the publishing date grew nearer, I ordered a copy to add to my collection–since this was a “for the love” publication.

When my copy arrived, I was horrified.The editing was so extreme that the story lost the original idea behind my email–the penis patches were completely eliminated from the story. Needless to say, I am incredibly disappointed in Living Dead Press. I would rather have pulled it completely than to have it published that way. If they didn’t like the original premise of my email, it should have been declined.

I will never submit there again.

I posted the original submission on my blog. Read it here.

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